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Competition Status


Submissions Due

Thu, Feb 23, 5:00 PM

Prize Pool

$ +4000


1 / 40

Entry Fee


VIG Big Time Tournament, FIRST IMPACT

Come join us for our first public tournament. Up to 40 teams will compete for a $4k+ prize pool where all of the entry fees will go towards the pool. So gather your friends: the more teams that sign up, the bigger the rewards will be!

You will compete over two days in a variety of events. The first day will be a series of events that will determine the top six teams that will compete in the finals the following week. The finals will be a series of events that will determine the top three teams that will win the tournament.


The tournament will take place over two days with each session lasting approximately four hours.

  • Day One - February 25th 8am PST
  • Day Two - March 4th 8am PST

Each player will be using accounts provided by the Big Time team.

Some Shadowblade has shrouded the event details with a Smoke Poof but as we get closer to the tournament the smoke will lift and the full details will appear. The exact event details and points of measures will be disclosed latest 7 days before Day One.

If you have any questions please visit the #tournament-questions channel in VIG's Discord Server.

-=Day One=-

The first day, February 25th, consists of one round with one event. Only the six best teams will proceed to the fun on Day Two.

Round A: Event #1 - Noob Noob

An all out battle royale where all teams compete to gather experience points. The primary focus will therefore be on efficient team play.

-=Day Two=-

On the tournament's second day in Round B (March 4th), the remaining six teams will first compete against each other for the top four spots. The four best teams will then proceed to Round C, the finale. Here we will crown our Bronze, Silver and Gold champions!

Round B: Event #2 - Gates or Kick

Let's be honest: Quantum Fixers (QF) are just there to feed Chronomancers energy, right?

In this event, each team will be given two trials to achieve the fastest time on a dungeon with no QF healing. If the post summary reveals any healing was performed by any QF(s), that team's trial will be disqualified. Maximum time limit per trial = 35 minutes.

Round B: Event #3 - David & Goliath

Each team will select a member to form a single team of six.

Each player on the newly constructed team must touch the boss door of a dungeon. During this run, the player must have successfully mined and collected a vein of ore to qualify for a time.

The players will be evaluated based on their best time out of three runs. Maximum time limit per trial = 15 minutes.

Referees will be responsible for designating the specific dungeon to be ran.

Round B: Event #4 - Guess Who Is Coming for Dinner?

TTeams will nominate one member of their team to serve as an "intruder" to interfere with an opposing team's gameplay. Those who manage to do it exceptionally will be granted bonus points for their team.

Teams will compete against their adjacently ranked team, ie. 6-5, 4-3, 2-1.

Round C: Final Event #5 - Now You See Me

The referees will take the teams to similar dungeons. There the final four teams will compete in six speed runs. The teams will be composed of four opposing team members and two referees. Each competitor team will compete a single speed run trial (i.e., every team member will be competing once). Failure to complete the race will disqualify the team from that single trial.


All events have been thoroughly tested and quality assured by our tournament team at the moment of writing. All tourney preparation participants have been strictly prohibited to disclose any of the tournament details with third parties and are not allowed to participate in the tournament itself to prevent any unfair advantages.

Terms & Conditions

  • Competitors will start from new accounts with fresh pocket watches rank 0. The accounts will be activated on the day of the tournament. Participants will create a fresh account on Bigtime for sign-ups. Usernames must be Safe For Work. Competitors shall register as six-person teams. All six players of a registered team must remain in a party together at all times unless specifically instructed otherwise for certain events.

  • All applicants must be a minimum age of 18 years old to participate.

  • Entrance Fee: $100 per team / Maximum of 40 teams. All fees go towards rewards.

  • Date: Join VC's one hour early. The VC's can be accessed in the VIG discord server.

  • The Day One event will begin February 25th at 8am Pacific Time upon activation of Pocket Watches. The Day Two events (Semi-Finals and Finals) will be on the following week on March 4th 8am Pacific Time.

  • The official language of tournament is English. If any team members do not understand it, they must provide a translator in their VC for the entire duration of tournament.

  • Team Captain's shall stream events live via discord in the VIG server. The stream quality MUST be discernible (minimum 720, 30fps). Any participants may be audited at any time and asked to stream via discord.

  • Anyone determined to be delivering/gathering supply drops among competitors for tournament manipulation will be subject to disqualification for any person(s) involved or their entire team and may forgo any and all jackpots & rewards.

  • No leveling allowed between events.

  • No changing pocket watches.

  • Payouts/Awards: Minimum $4k in rewards pool, which will include some bonus events/giveaways. Jackpots are subject to vary. Some rewards may be paid in SPACE. Jackpots breakdown: -First place = $2000 + potential bonus. -Second place = $600 + potential bonus. -Third place = SPACE small rares + potential bonus. -The remainder will go to bonus events/giveaways with SPACE.

  • Any exploits used shall be at your own peril in regard with Big Time's TOS. You assume your own responsibility. Moderators/Judges will have final say in any disputes that may arise concerning the outcome of the tournament and/or its winners. For any disputes that may arise, the accuser must submit substantial proof for investigation/review. Competitors will have one day after an event to submit proof of foul play.

  • Events may be subject to variation with updates.

  • By competing you accept these terms.

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to the tournament's cancellation, funds will be fully returned.